2015-present: PhD candidate, Research School of Biology, The ANU, advisor: Dr. Scott Keogh
2011-2014: M.Sc., Department of Biology, Villanova University, advisor: Dr. Aaron M. Bauer
2005-2009: B.S., Department of Biology, Union College, advisor: Dr. Barbara Pytel

Grants and Awards

2018 - The Society of Systematic Biologists: Ernst Mayr Award for Best Student Talk, Evolution 2018 ($1000)
2018 - The Australian National University: Vice Chancellor's Higher Degree Research Travel Grant ($1500)
2017 - Australian Department of Environment (ABRS): International Student Travel Grant ($1500)
2015 - Idea Wild: Student Research Equipment Grant ($1,100)
2015 - Australian Department of Environment (ABRS): Taxonomy Research Student Travel Grant ($825)
2015 - The Australian National University: International Student PhD Research Fellowship ($184,500)
2015 - The American Australian Association: Sir Keith Murdoch Fellowship ($7,840)
2012 - Villanova University: Graduate Research Fellowship ($18,000)
2012 - Vilanova University: Summer Research Fellowship ($4,500)
2011-13 - Villanova University: Tuition Scholarship and Teach Assistantship ($128,000)


2012-13: Teaching Assistant - Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy lead by Dr. Aaron Bauer
2012: Teaching Assistant - Evolution lead by Dr. Todd Jackman
2011: Teaching Assistant - Introduction to Biology lead by Dr. Todd Jackman

Society Meetings, Symposia, and Presentations

2018: II Joint Congress on Evolutionary Biology (ESEB, SSE, SSB, ASN) - Montpellier, France
Incorporating fossils and competition into monitor lizard macroevolution.
                    Winner of the SSB Ernst Mayr Award Symposium. Video available soon.
Joint Meeting for the Study of Evolution (SSE, SSB, ASN, 'Evolution') - Portland, OR, USA
Miocene biome turnover and size evolution across Australian vertebrates. Presented in the                              SSB Ernst Mayr Award Symposium. Video available here.
2017: Gekkota Mundi: Global meeting for gecko biologists - Fremantle, WA, Australia
           Conference Organizer & Presenter
Using pygopodids to identify trends in modularity across limb-reduced squamates
2017: Invited Dept. Seminar: Centre for Biodiversity Analysis (CBA at ANU) - Canberra, ACT, Australia
Beyond the tree: Phylogenetic comparative methods for evolutionary inference of phenotypic                          data. Presented with Emma Sherratt.
2016: Joint Meeting for the Study of Evolution (SSE, SSB, ASN, 'Evolution') - Austin, TX, USA
           Title: Mass extinction and diversification of Australian Pygopodoidean geckos
2016: Joint Meeting of Herpetologists and Ichthyologists ('JMIH') - New Orleans, LA, USA
: Ancient turnover spurs adaptive radiation of Australian geckos
2016: Molecular Paleobiology Australia - Melbourne, VIC, Australia
: Heterogeneous biome facilitated diversification of Australian geckos
2016: Australian Society of Herpetologists ('ASH') - Launceston, TAS, Australia
           Title:  Extinction and environmental impacts on macroevolution of Australian Pygopodoidea

Society Memberships

Society of Systematic Biologist (SSB)
Society for the Study of Evolution (SSE)
Society for the Study of Amphibians and Reptiles (SSAR)
Australian Society of Herpetologists (ASH)
Society of Australian Systematic Biologists (SASB)